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Here they are!  The best youtubes I have found in 2013.  Some of them are the best because of how bad they are.  Some of them are the best because that is what they are.  These are presented in no particular order, except for the last two.

Please do not judge me.  Just enjoy:

First, we have this crazy Wendy’s rap for coffee?  Really?

Next up, Japanese television.  Who doesn’t love a joke played on this scale?

Talking boat thingy!

What happens when you cross a cat with a poptart with a rainbow.  In space.  This happens!

Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows.  I dare you to watch all 1:47 of this.  I DARE YOU!

More unicorns.  Wake up Charlie!  Let’s go to candy mountain!

Let’s talk Autotune.  Or not.  I hate autotune with a passion with this one exception.

We all know I’m a little bananas, but did you know the terrifying truth behind those yellow fruits?

I love Minute Physics and I love cats and I love bunkers.  Who knew these would all come together?

And finally, the only thing better than an awesome dumb robot movie: An awesome dumb robot movie panned: