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Welcome to my w00t page, the page dedicated to my favorite site,  This page is a push page where the most recent content will appear at the top with a note as to the date it appeared.  Most of it will be dedicated to pictures from Woot-Off’s.

Why we don’t have cats…

Do you see it?

Take that, Chris!

New Woot-off up!  Here Goes!


11/19/2008.  Woot-off Started!.  Pics to come…

10/24/2008.  Woot-off Over!  See pics below

10/22/2008. Woot-off Started!


9/23/2008.  Over.

9/22/2008.  Woot-off Started.  Here goes

7/30/2008.  Woot-off over.  Not very exciting.

7/29/2008: Finished copying images.  New Woot-off started today.  Here goes!


Wrong.  Very wrong.

This one is so bad it’s funny.

7/19/2008 Note:
I am begun the process of copying images from the other woot pages on the blog.

Rush Rules!


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