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Relational Database

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Happy Father’s Day to dads of all kinds.  Speaking of fathers…

These glasses belong to my father-in-law, Pete.  We hit the farmers market this week and I noticed Pete’s glasses.  I haven’t seen a pair of Vuarnets in probably 20 years.  A picture of my brother immediately came to mind.  This picture is of him wearing a blue and gold rugby shirt from the high school rugby team, his long blonde hair, his high school acne, his car, and his Vuarnets.  So to summarize:

  • Rugby
  • Long blonde hair
  • An aqua-blue ’65 Chevy Super Sport Impala
  • Vuarnets

What struck me was the way I remembered this picture.  It was not just a flat picture, but more of a multi-dimensional picture, a welter of imagines cascaded until what I was remembering was only related to original subject by implication.  Here is how that original list panned out:

  • Rugby
  • Blue and gold rugby shirt
  • Rugby shirts have a single piece u-neck so they won’t tear when someone grabs your shirt
  • They also have rubber buttons to protect the players eyes in case one comes off
  • Long blonde hair
  • Biffie refused to cut his hair for a long time
  • My great-grandmother had very long brown hair, much like Biffie’s
  • Acne
  • Biffie took Accutane to help with his acne
  • Accutane can result in deformed bones or cancer
  • Biffie used to give his Accutane to Brett because he also had acne
  • Brett played in a death metal band and I bought their first (only?) album
  • Accutane also causes dry lips
  • Biffie used to carry Carmex with him all the time.  We still find old containers around the house 20 years later
  • An aqua-blue ’65 Chevy Super Sport Impala
  • My mother bought this car brand new in 1965 after graduating from nurses school.
  • Pop (my grandfather) wouldn’t let her get the big motor, just a 283
  • The car had a black interior because Pop wouldn’t let her get white
  • A garbage truck backed into the car and dented the quarter panel
  • That dent let to a complete rebuild of the car
  • Vuarnets
  • Vuarnets have V inscribed on the lens
  • Biffie scratch the bottom of his frames so he could identify the glasses if they were stolen.  And they were.  I don’t know if he ever got them back…

(The format of this just didn’t turn out quite right.  It is supposed be hierarchical, but wordpress doesn’t support that bullet style to well.)

Most of that came to me with 10 seconds of seeing the glasses.  I titled this posted ‘Relational Database’ because I feel like my brain built a giant query and sent me the results.

What would be really interesting is to know how much of what I ‘remember’ never really happened…

And so it goes



Back In The Saddle Again

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This morning I took my first training ride.  About 5 miles round-trip to folks house and back.  Overall, not bad.  I topped out at 27 mph (going down hill, cranking for all I was worth).  I need to check the bike computer, but I probably averaged around 12 or 13 mph.  My goal for the SLO Lighthouse ride is 62 miles in 3.5 hours.  So I have until September 24 to shave ~two hours off.

When I was in high school I had a purple Raleigh Olympian (pictured above).  Purple became my new riding color.  The handle bars were wrapped with purple and while tape, my helmet and riding gear were purple.  Everything but my pump and shoes were purple.  When I went looking for my current bike, I posted that I gave extra points for purple.

I was convinced that because the name of the bike was ‘Olympian’, it must mean that this was the bike that was used in the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul.  I proudly boasted this fact to anyone who would listen.  In hindsight, I realize that it was probably not true.

I rode that bike for about six years until it finally gave up the ghost.  My parents paid the neighbors $100 for it in 1988.  I was so excited I could plotz.  I like to think that they got their $100 worth.

Now that I think about it, today was the longest ride I have had in probably 15 years.  Let’s see how I feel about it (literally) tomorrow morning.

And so it goes.



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Breaks guitars!

Hi gang.

I saw this on woot today.  Great song.  Great reason.

I’ve have been busy studying for the CFA exam that happens in about 11 months.  I have been trying (and succeeding) in doing study blitz to get a lot of work done in a short time.  Just trying to make it a habit.  It is working so far.  Once that is down pat I will hit the blogging trail again.

Props to my sister Joy who finished her first triathlon last weekend.  Visit her blog for the not so gory details.  Good job Joy.  Leela Joy says she is proud to be named after you.

And so it goes.


Tri this on for size!

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So, I have this sister named Joy.  

She has a blog.

I like to think that she started it because I guilted her into it. Here is e-mail that I sent her not too long ago:

Hi Joy!

I had a great interview today so I thought I would treat myself to a beer.  I opened one of the Red Seals that you bought for me and sat down at the computer to enjoy it.  As with most things, I wondered if drinking a beer would make a good blog post and then it hit me!  Blog – Beer – Joy – Blog.  Why doesn’t Joy have a blog?  You could write some pretty neat stuff. 

Or, maybe you do have a blog!  Maybe it’s a secret, Swarthmore (or above) blog where you share your keenest insights about life, leaving the rest of us in the dark.

That’s not very nice, Joy

I love you!

Well, it turns out she doesn’t have a super secret Swarthmore and above blog (though if she did, I still wouldn’t know.  It secret after all).  She has a regular blog dedicated to something very neat.  She will running a triathlon for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  In addition to the training, she will also be raising money towards her goal.  $3900.00 to be exact.  

I am sure you are wondering how to get to her blog and read about her work and donate.  You are also probably wondering this entire post looks like a link to another site.  

Guess what…

So please take a moment to visit her blog and make a donation and offer your support.  

And so it goes.


p.s. If you still haven’t figured it out, the entire blog post is a link to her site.  Click anywhere.

p.p.s. The p.s. is actually not a link to her site.  This is.

Blogenger Hunt!

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After my post about that strange search term, I thought it would be fun to do a blogenger hunt.  Here is how it works:

I will post an item to find and you reply with a comment that lists the URLs.  Also post the search term you used to find the URL.

For example, find a fish driving a car.  

Using the term ‘fish driving a car’, I found something at

And here we go!

1.  walrus bucket

2.  leaves of three

3.  buckycatt

4. grimmerie

5.  alpha child

6. purple monkey dishwasher

Alright kids, have at it!

And so it goes.


Introducing Leela Joy

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Hi everyone. I have decided to let my newest daughter, Leela Joy make her first blog entry. Keep in mind that she is only three days old, so don’t be surprised at what she says….

Wow. This place sure is bright. It is a lot brighter than where I came from. I must admit that I don’t really know where that is, or in this case, was. I just know that this place is brighter.

I noticed almost from day one (six days ago) that this place is filled with strange people of different sizes. There is a ‘No-well’, a ‘Sam-e’, and a ‘Mary Leela’. I am beginning to suspect that I am the ‘Mary Leela’, but I am not sure. Most of the time they call me ‘Mary’, then ‘Leela’ and makes some cryptic comments about getting the name wrong. Maybe if they just picked one name, it would not be so difficult.

Another thing I find interested is the amount to time people spend in near silence around here. I think that I am something very special because whenever people are around me, they speak with an awed, almost reverent hush. At first I thought it was because they did not want to disturb me, but I am beginning to think that it is out of respect for who I am. That rocks!

Today I made a trip somewhere I had not been before. It was very, very bright and colder than I am used to. The ceiling was very high and light blue with a single light way up at the top. I didn’t stay long because the guy who carries me around didn’t want me outside too long, just long enough to be exposed to something called ‘nature’. It seemed important, so I went along. All in all it was not bad.

There are also other people who come around sometimes, but don’t seem to be here as much. There is a ‘gram-e’, a ‘popa’, a ‘pat’ and most curiously, a ‘ral-fee’. The ‘ral-fee’ is around more than most and she is taller too.

All I do is eat, poop, pee, cry and sleep. I am really good at all of them.

I am also good at being cute.  Look:







I decided to put in a picture of my big sister, Mary.  She’s cute too.  I think she is the ‘Mary’ of ‘Mary Leela’. 

And so it goes.


Hello Birkie

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To who ever did this, thank you. 

This pair of birkies showed up in the mail with no note.  I might find out who sent these, but for now, I am enjoying the mystery.  I suspect a few people of course…

I cannot adequately express my gratitude for the gesture.  Just know that I am overwhelmed and very grateful. 

And so it goes.