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Why have you come here?

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(note: You may need to allow pop-ups for the poll to work)

I thought I would test drive a poll that has been sitting in my drafts for that past two years.  Now, on to the show.

It is a wonderfully cool 57° this morning.  I have all the windows open and I am waiting for the milkman to show up with our weekly supply of milk and cheese.

I generally dislike talking about the weather.  It is one of the more banal topics, usually reserved for awkward moments, ice breakers or when you’ve exhausted all other possible conversations; however, this time I use it to boast.

We lived in Las Vegas for seven years.  The weather, as many know, it generally hot and dry during the summer.  Here is a snapshot as of 6:09 AM:

My first thought was that it is not really that hot in Vegas today.  I remember in July of 2002 the high was 116°.  Then it rained.  The rain did almost nothing for the temperature, but it did raise the humidity to 100%.  My dad commented that it was like he back in southeast Asia during the summer.

Here is what it is like where I am:


I will say that there are really only three things I don’t miss about Las Vegas.  The weather, the ads for strip clubs and rapid construction (though I think that has abated now).  The people, my job, the abundance of oyster bars: all very cool.

And so it goes.



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