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No, GE!

No, G-Free!

Both my wife and the Alpha Child have a gluten sensitivity.  It isn’t full blow Coeliac disease, it is enough to floor both of them in different ways.  Alpha has a very severe eczema.  We put her on a G-free diet about five months ago.  Her skin went from being broken, split and irritated to irritated and hivey.  Believe it or not, that is a big improvement.  She used to have cracks in her skin that would bleed and become infected.  She still has scratching fits, but overall there is an improvement.

My wife had a attack of diverticulitis.  It runs in the family.  For the past year she was really struggling with the aftermath of the attack.  A few months ago I was reading and article in the WSJ about gluten sensitivity.  It was as if the journal interviewed my wife and wrote an article about what she was going through.

Now that both of them have successfully transitioned to a G-free diet, I have found myself doing more food prep to support that.  Key in this endeavor is making bread at least once a week.  You would be appalled at the amount of money you can spend on a loaf of gluten free bread.  My daughter will buy some from the baker at the farmers market for $3.00 a loaf ($4.00 for everyone else).  I get a box mix and use it to make two loaves at a time.  I also make flax bread for my wife, as well as deyhdrated almonds.

The new hit in the house is rice pasta.  It cooks differently, but once you throw on some sauce, you’d never know the difference.  I used to make a pound for dinner, but the boy eats so much of it that I have had to switch to at least 1.5 lbs just to keep up.

Since going G-free, Alpha has lost about five pounds.  She has never been overweight, but losing five pounds made her look healthier.  I guess that is a common G-free side effect.  Maybe I should do that too….

My wife has started reading a book by Elisabeth Hasselbeck, from that Afternoon Yak show, about how to be G-free.  An interesting aspect is that it covers the social aspect of how to inform a party host that you won’t be eating their yummy spread.  Or how to handle the situation where someone shoves a piece of sourdough bread in your face and tells you that you must try this!  Food is such a part of people’s identities that you can offend someone if you don’t take the proper approach.

The comforting part is that she is not alone.  There are a great number of moms-with-kids-who-have-gluten-problems-have-blogs-that-tell-you-all-about-it.  Wifey always has lots of ideas to that are gleaned from those blogs.  My MIL even sent a great cookbook.  Come to think of it, I think she sent the G-free book as well…

Great ride this  morning.  5 miles.  It’s a start.

And so it goes.



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