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Is There Life Outside the South?

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This past year my mother turned 67.  For her birthday, I got her an old comedy routine called ‘Is There Life Outside The South?’  by Dr. Tim Stivers.

Dr. Stivers is a podiatrist who turned to comedy at some point in his life.  He recorded this album in a club somewhere on some date for some reason.  The comedy routine was either written by him, or someone else.  Maybe both.  He was born somewhere, on some date, presumably in Kentucky.  He might be married, he might not be.  He might have kids, but maybe not.  I am fairly sure he’s still alive because his website doesn’t say he’s dead.

At this stage, I presume he had a life long love of comedy and tried it out, possible in a mid-life crisis.  He may even possibly be a practicing doctor, but I think that may be unlikely.  He has at least two albums, maybe more, but not fewer.

So why all the ambiguity?

Because there is no Wiki article.

That’s right.  You read it correctly.  There is no Wiki article.  Heck, he barely even registers on a Google search.  If it weren’t for the fact that I have heard his album, I would be challenging the fact that he even exists at all.

No Wiki article.  Yet.

While Dr. Stivers doesn’t have  a Wiki article, he does have an e-mail address.  I do believe I’m going to write a short message and ask if I can get enough information to start one.  This is my new mission in life when I am not working, fathering, training for my ride or blogging.

I’ll leave y’all with the my favorite name of a church, from the routine:

1st Baptist Evangelical Reformed Seven Day Pentecostal Tabernacle Latter Day Brotherhood of God and Christ Church. Incorporated.

And so it goes.



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  1. Greg Seneff Sr.

    Dr. Tim Stivers was indeed a doctor – a podiatrist, to be specific. My dad (and my brother and I all) sang with him in the Louisville Thoroughbred barbershop chorus. He was also in a quartet called “The Clubhouse Four.” He did a lot of touring with the late comedian Grady Nutt (whose sons went to the same high school my brother and I attended). He had at least 3 albums, “Terminally Weird,” “Is There Life Outside the South,” and “This Ole Boy.” He has had far more than a passing interest in a comedy career and appeared all over the Midwest and beyond. He wrote most, if not all, of his own material. I have heard some of it copied by other, more publicized, comedians. He was known for taking friends aside and trying new material out on them.

    Dad was a patient of Dr. Stiver’s and dad used to say he liked going to see him because he would get his feet worked on and a comedy show at the same time. Dr. Stiver’s brother, Pat Stivers, was also a doctor and sang in the chorus and quartet as well. Tim Stivers has retired from his practice and I believe he lives in Florida. He is from Pewee Valley, Kentucky.

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