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I love a good mystery.  There are always thing that I don’t understand and love the anticipation in finding out the answer.  The plant above is a great example.  Alpha bought the Venus fly-trap at our local farmers market.  We fed it random flys and it did well.  Each of the fly-eating leaves die after the fly is digested, so we are patiently waiting for it to grow new leaves (one of which you can see if you look carefully).

Included in this plant was a very small, two leafed sprout.  That sprout kept growing and is the much larger plant in the pot.  I don’t know what it is or what it could be.  We bought the plant from a booth that sells all sorts of neat herbs and such, so maybe I have some kind of herb on my hands.  Maybe it is just a weed that sprouted, as weeds do.  In any case, I look forward to transplanting it soon and seeing what it grows into.

Nature is so cool.

And so it goes.



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