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Hi gang.  I know everyone was just desolate over my absence from my blogging duties.  I know this because people were so upset that they couldn’t even write to tell me that they missed me.

Over the past nine months I have been studying for a test for a financial analyst certification.  I took the test on Saturday, so now I have some time to start writing again.

It is a bit of a strange feeling to be done.  I had been studying a few hours every day, usually from 5-6 am and again from 9-10.  On Saturdays I would study for three or four hours over the course of the day.  Now that it is all done, I sorta feel like I ran off a cliff.  My first reaction to quite time is to grab my calculator and test materials.  I won’t find out for another two months if I passed.  This test is only offered in December and June, so if I didn’t make it this time, then I will try again in December.

While I put quite a bit of  effort into the test, I can’t say I feel like I passed.  The average pass rate is 35% for the first of three levels.  I can only hope that everyone else was less prepared than I was.

The worst part is the second guessing.  I spent yesterday thinking about all the questions I may have misread or miscalculated.  I imagine after a week, I will calm down.

In other news, I have a new job.  My old company decided that they didn’t like having the crap taxed out of them, so they are moving all operations to GA.  I wasn’t invited to the party so I put my shingle out.  Much to my pleasure and surprise, I got the very first job I applied for.  I now work for an agricultural lending bank that specializes in California farming communities.  The work is very engaging and I am really enjoying it.

The kids are doing well and wrapping up school for the year.  Alpha and Beta will go to summer school and Gamma and Delta will hang out with mom at home.  Mom is looking forward to it.  For now…

The only other thing I have been up to is watching videos on youtube when my brain is too fried to continue.  I simply search for [Insert Item] Crashes.  I have watched cars, bikes, planes, helicopters, and trains crash.

Well that is all for now.  I have decided not to proof read this, so please excuse any spelling or grammar errors.

And so it goes.



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