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Over the past year, as the health care reform bill grew and grew, I became more concerned about what being included in the legislation. I did have some specific objections to a few line items, but what concerned me the most was the fact that I didn’t know what was in it.  I attempted to read through several drafts, but I am not a lawyer.  Whatever was in there might as well have been written in Greek.

Most of what I know about the bill comes from the popular media, the one entity I distrust as much as the congress attempting to give me the health bill.  My biggest thought through out the process was, ‘Why the big hurry?’

Then came the back room deals to get coverage for this and not that.  Then there was the break on Cadillac health plans for unions.  Then there was the talk of how to power it through to the presidents desk.  All the while, I am thinking, ‘Why the big hurry?’

Along comes Scott Brown, who won the Massachusetts Senate seat to become the 41st vote.  Now there is talk about scaling the bill back or starting from scratch.  The fact that the only way this bill would have passed is by muscling every last ounce of strength from the Democratic leadership is a sign that the process to create this bill was based more on ego than the benefit of the common American.

I look forward to seeing a bill that is truly equitable to all people at all stages of their lives.   And I look forward to a bill that address the real needs of real people in a way that we can clearly see both the process and results.

And so it goes.



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