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I just got done working out.  I like to watch Modern Marvels on Netfiix while I am attempting to forget that I don’t like to exercise.  During this last round I watched an episode on the history and building of the Empire State building.

This particular episode brought back memories of when my sister graduated from Swarthmore in 1997.  While my brother and I were in Pennsylvania for the event, we took a day to ‘tour’ New York.

The morning of the big day we bought tickets for the Peter Pan bus line that left Philly at 7 am.  Over the next two hours we traveled in relative silence, passing through the NJ turnpike into New York City.

Over the next six hours my brother and I did/visited the following:

  • Went to Grand Central Station
  • Took the ‘A’ train
  • Observation deck of the Empire State Building
  • Saint Patrick’s Cathedral
  • Ate pretzels from a vendor
  • The Rainbow Room
  • Carnegie Hall
  • Ate at a diner
  • Listened to street musicians
  • Said ‘hi’ to some rabbis
  • Bought a ‘silver’ jewerly box
  • Saw a homeless guy make sweet love to himself
  • Watched a living statue scare people
  • Saw a man with AIDS asking for money. (We gave him some)
  • Yelled, ‘Hey, youse guys!’  A number of people turned around.
  • Went to central park.  (Damn that place is big!)
  • Ate dirty water dogs at the park
  • Took a nap under a tree in the park

During those six hours we literally ran from place to place so we see as much as we could.  This trip was really about saying that we did all things listed above.  Some of it was planned, some of it was not, but it was all very memorable.

I have a few good friends who live in New York now (hi kids!).  Our corporate offices are in New York, so I imagine that I will make it out there sometime to say hi to them.  I am sure they can show me a few things I missed…

And I can’t mention New York without mentioning Fester Peabody al Efreamei VI.  He taught me the term ‘dirty water dogs‘ and introduced me to Sabrett’s Onions n’ Sauce.

That’s it for now.

And so it goes.



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