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Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, and Neil Peart of Rush30th Anniversary tour photo, 2004

Happy Fathers Day all.

For those of you who know me, you know that I have a particular affinity for the band Rush.  I first heard about Rush when I was a sophmore in high school.  I was dating a flute player at the time, so I started hanging out in the band room.  All of the drummers listened to this band called Rush.  I started listen to the group and I really liked them.  I got to know one of the drummer pertty well, Jim, and he lent me a video of a Rush concert called A Show Of Hands.

I took the video out to my car and started reading the back of the VCR box.  That was when I read that Rush was comprised of just three guys.  I was really impressed that three guys could make such complex music.  The more I listened to them, the more I liked them.  Their first album, self-title Rush was relased when I was four months old.  They relased their 19th original album, Snakes and Arrows last year.  The style of music has changed through the years, but it all carries the same spirit that makes it fun to listen to.

Of all the people I know who have heard Rush, I can put them all into one of two camps: I Love Rush or I Hate Rush.  (I am sure that I have met some people who are luke warm, that doesn’t make for a good blog post.  So I’ll follow the general example set by the government (all of them, not just the current) and pretend that they don’t exist so I can make my point much, much more dramatic that it really is.) There is also a nearly perfect correlation bewteen love and hate and musician, not musican.  I think you have to be a musician to really appreciate what they do.  Just like being a writer enhances your ablity to discern great writing.

This year marks the 20th year that I have been a Rush fan.  I hope to teach my kids how neat Rush is.  I don’t care if they don’t like Rush, but I will teach them to appreciate Rush.

And so it goes.



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