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Oh Noes!1!!!1

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Ladies and Gentlmen, hidden cameras are everywhere.  Just tonight I was wearing one while traveling in the New Gugahan Proviance, just south of the South Pole.  While there, I encountered a young, innocent looking gal, a mere babe.  Or so I thought.  

As is my normal modus operandi in these situations, I located the babe in question and proceded to taunt her.  I started off with the usual remarks:

  • Wow you’re fat.  Are you storing nuts for the winter in those cheeks?
  • No teeth, eh?  Ever heard of a toothbrush?
  • You suck.
  • I see you are balding at your age.  Shame.
  • So you just couldn’t get to number 715.  Weakling. (Babe Ruth only)
  • If you don’t stop putting your feet in your mouth people are going to think you are a six month old.

Well, as usual, my taunting and name calling prompted this gal to strike.  I turned on the camera just as the attack began.  As you can see, I had truly met my match.

Now I lie here, broken and bruised.  It was the head-butt that finished me off.

And so it goes.



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