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…is there anybody in there?

Hi kids!

Sorry for the long absence, but I have not been feeling particularly inspired lately so I took a break.  It would be a shame if I were to pump out poor quality posts just to fill pages.  My loyal readers are used to only the highest quality posts.  On that note, did you hear that the ghost of Elvis married another ghost?

Personally, I was shocked.  How could he do that to all of us loyal, living fans.  Whatever.

Noelle was in a her annual talent show at school.  Here is the video. 

It is really neat to see Noelle perform like that.  The best part is that she does not even seem nervous.  There were other kids who did similar acts, but none of them did it with her verve.  

Tonight we are enjoying a rare Sacramento thunderstorm.  The kids think it is great.  I don’t ever remember having these storms when I was growing up. Curse you global warming!

I am will be continuing my ‘This is my life’ section, with 1980-83 on deck.  Highlights include a six week trip to Kentucky, my first grade graduation and the time I boiled water to make tea and managed to trip while holding the pan and scaled myself.  All this and more, next time, on Fermatd.

And so it goes.



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  1. Did you hear that David Eddings died on Tuesday?

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