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It’s Garbage!

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A little update before we get down to business.  

I got our taxes done.  That was fun.  We are even getting a little bit of green back.  Work is going well.  We are not really seeing an improvement in the economy, but we aren’t seeing a decrease either.  I’ll take that.  

Noelle turns seven on Monday.  She has a blog now.  It is

The matriarch of the family will be in town for a few days.  It has been over two years since I have seen her, so I am looking forward to the visit.  Ralphie will be in town for three weeks.  As usual, we are excited about that.

Joy has raised 2,605 of her 3,900 goal.  If you can, please donate to her cause.  You can check out her blog at for a link to her fund-raising site. 

The blog bug is currently napping while I draft new topics.  I usually go a few months without much and then explode for a month or so.  

Ok, on with the show.

There are six people in my house. Two thirty-somethings and four crumb snatchers. Between the six of us, we fill 1 60 gallon garbage can a week. Now that might sound like a lot, but a 60 gallon can is the smallest they have for the county. Each week I roll this thing out the curb and I am happy to know that there is still room. What is the secret? What about the rest of the waste of the house?

Let’s look at the kinds of waste generated. First there is green waste. These are food and compostable items. Next are the recyclables. Paper, plastics and glass. Finally, there solid waste. This is the stuff that ends up in the garbage can.

My compost pile in the backyard offers mute testimony to the amount of compostable items that we generate.  In boy scouts we had sign in the mess hall that read, ‘We Support Zero Ort’.  For the uninitiated, ort is food waste.  We don’t like to have any, but it happens.

The recyclables make up the majority of the volume of things that leave the house.  Cans, bottles, jars, paper and plastics go into a can in the kitchen and then out to the curb twice a month.  That is a 90 gallon can and there is rarely room.  

The rest is stuff that is not safe to compost or is not recyclable.  

So take some time and evaluate what comes in and what goes out of your home.  You’ll be surprised.  

And so it goes.



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  1. Hi Sean,

    How about posting some pictures from Noelle’s play?


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