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A Rawing We Go II

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Hi kids!

For the start of this adventure, see A Rawing We Go. 

So, now that our flax seeds have been dehydrating for the last 17 months, we can take them out!  (That’s a joke.  It has just taken me 17 months to get around to this post.)  After the seeds come out of the dehydrator, I grind them up using my Cuisinart and the metal S blade.  If you break up the sheet into smaller pieces and feed them in, the grinding takes about 1.5 to 2 minutes.

Once you have the flax meal down, let’s use it!

The item I have chosen is flax bread.  Here is what you need to start with (organic if you can):

1 large tomato

1 medium red onion

2 carrots

1 large bunch of cliantro 

1 large bunch of dill

1/2 cup or so of Olive Oil

2 cups of sprouted flax meal

Tablespoon of Cumin seed

Tablespoon of  Chili Powder

Salt to taste. (I prefer the flaky kosher kind)

Like so:



First, cut up the veggies and greens.  Make them bite-sized.   I like to jar it all up and sit on it for a while.  (There is no benefit to this except time.  I have four kids and you cannot always complete this from start to finish.)

For the cumin, I grind it up just before I use it.  

Here it all is jarred up.  The perspective is a little skewed here.  That is a half gallon mason jar.  


Now to the mixing.

I use either a Cuisinart or blender to make the mix.  Empty your jar into the processor and mix.


When it is all said and done, your mix will look like soup.  I usually need to add about a cup of water to get it to turn.  The mixing process takes a few minutes.  Don’t liquefy it, or you loose some of the texture in the bread.


After the mix is done, transfer it to a mixing bowl.  I use a Kitchen Aid, but mixing it by hand would work just as well.  

One note about hands.  Wash them!  I usually wash them two to three times during the process.  My preference is non-antibacterial soap and warm water with a nice hemp towel.  


(The bowl is a bit messy.  I forgot to take a picture during the first batch.)

Now, add those flax seeds and olive oil.


The oil you use makes a big difference.  For this bread I use a very light oil.  When I make raw pizza crusts, I use a hefty oil.  My personal favorite is Bariani.  I get it from Mr. Bariani at the local farmers market.  

Now mix!  I add another cup or so of water to get it turn.  Imporant note about working with flax meal.  It is thirsty.  If you wait more than 10 minutes between adding the water and getting the mix to the sheet, you need to add more water.  

Now, let’s sheet the mix.  You can use a Teflon sheet (pictured below) or unbleached parchment paper works well.  Spray the sheet with an olive oil spray.  Don’t use a canola oil like Pam.  I find it gives the bread a rancid flavor.  


After this is done, stick it in your dehydrator for three hours at 145 degrees and then another 12 hours at 115 degrees.  I usually remove the sheet when I turn it to 115.  

During the dehydration process the bread will darken quite a bit.  

I like to eat this with a raw hummus or carrot dip.

And so it goes.



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  1. YEAH, YIPPY! Now I finally know what to do with the flax pancake I made over a year ago. Thanks! So, is my flax pancake still good, or do I have to make a new one?

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