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It’s the Great Pumpkin! (φζκξЌΞΛ!)

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It’s that time of day again.  I have been awake for longer than I was asleep and now I can’t think.  Perfect time to blog. 

Before I get to the task at hand, I want to congratulate my blog on having its 5000th hit today.  Go blog!

Where to start, where to start…

Politics.  I am deeply, deeply disappointed in the fact that the president has decide to stand behind Daschle for HHS secretary.  One simple reason: Change.  Both Geithner and Daschle have been able to retain their nominations, even after it came out that there were tax issues.  For the sake of propriety, Obama should have set them aside to help assure us that he means business when he means change.  That is not the message I am getting here. 

Hold on a sec, the phone is ringing. 

‘Hello, this is Sean…’

<muted trumpet sound>

‘What?  He did?  Withdrawn you say.  Well, that’s interesting.’

<muted trumpet sound>

‘No, I didn’t say good, I didn’t say bad, I said ‘interesting’.  It is just a word I used to sound non-committal.’

<muted trumpet sound>

‘No, I understand that. It’s just a word.  Listen, I am glad it turned out this way more for the fact that there is a lot at stake here than any personal reason.  I know who Daschle is, but I was waiting until the Senate hearings before I made up my mind about him.  Now I can rest a bit easier because I know that we can get a HHS secretary without the dog and pony show, I hope.  I’m fond of dogs, but ponies make my teeth itch.’

<extended muted trumpet sound>

‘Ok, ok, ok.  I agree that my attitude towards ponies is prejudicial, but I really don’t see how that …

<muted trumpet sound>

‘I see.  I didn’t realize that ponies sit that high on the list of creatures to benefit from health care reform.  Please extend my apologies to Mr. Sparkle Hoof.’


Where were we?

I am sure my loyal readers have noticed a re-design to fermatd.  Of all of the different skins I looked at, this one fit the best, but I am still not happy with it.  If you are someone who can design these things, please let me know.  I have some great ideas for a flexible and functional design, I just some help executing it. 

In my next blog, I will be discussing an even more important issue than politics or blog design.  Bacon. 

And so it goes.



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