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Tags. They are those funny little words at the bottom of the page here. You see them on almost all of the blogs. What are they for? Why are they there?

A ‘tag’ is a little note that you can use to search for blogs or videos. For example, the two most common tags used in this blog are ‘beer’ and ‘free beer’. I use them because I am always thinking about beer. Or free beer. Not free beer in the sense that beer is captive, like in a bottle and I want to free it and drink it. No, I mean beer that is without cost. Of course, now that I think about it, if I were to look at free beer in the light of the former description, I would merely be liberating the booze so I could trap it in my stomach. It would be like breaking someone of of prison so you could tie them up in your basement.   But I digress…

I was reading an article on tags and according to the article, the two most common tags are ‘jailbait’ and ‘Hanna Montana’.  I was guessing something like ‘porn’ would generate traffic.  So in accordance to what some random person wrote, I will add those tags to my blog to see what happens.  I will limit it to this entry because I don’t want to lead people here thinking that they will be reading about Hanna Montana jailbait (although if they made it this far, they just did). 

What are your favorite tags?  How well do they work for you?

And so it goes.



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