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So I finally decided to give the networking site, Facebook, as shot. My wife had signed up and found about 10 friends from college. I thought it would be interesting to sign up and see how many people I could find. Besides, one of my buddies from college has a page and he wanted me to check it out. Plus, I really want a place to publicize my blog.

I have to admit, that I has highly skeptical. From what I had understood, Facebook and MySpace were sites where hip young college kids and pre-teen and teenagers hung out to lie about drinking and have sex and whatnot. Being a 30+ married guy, the last two things were the only things that would qualify me (except I wouldn’t be lying about them). So, with a level of skepticism reserved for the groups identified above, I started my account.

The first thing that happened was that I added Casey as my spouse. Then I decided to look and see if I could find someone from high school. I entered the name of someone I remembered doing a double date with, and sure enough, he showed up. I sent him a little note about how I knew him. He responded. My first non-spousal friend.

Then, based on the fact that I knew Mark (the guy mentioned above), FB suggested someone else from my old high school. Then it suggested someone from college. Sure enough, I knew someone from college. Then that person knew like 50 other people. All of the sudden, there were more. And more. And more. Now I am swimming in friends, most of whom are from the band in Reno. Then the work connections came. I started entering in the names of people I remember from the lunch line in high school and the guy who had the nose bleed that day in gym. What was his name, Walter? All of the sudden, I couldn’t stop finding people. I looked for the people I swore I would never speak to again. It’s like going to a buffet. You know you don’t want to eat it. You know you shouldn’t eat it, but you just can’t stop because it’s all you can eat! Eat it all I tell you!!!!

So I have decided that I am OK with Facebook now. Hey, if it lets me keep tabs on people I haven’t seen in decades, great. I can post pictures and share information when I want. People can ping and poke me and send me short messages when they feel like it and I can do the same. After I get over my honeymoon, I don’t think it will change much in my day, but the connection is nice.

What’s that? You want my Facebook name so you can be my friend. Well, you already know my first name. And if you read my blog (not just this post. The whole thing) from beginning to end, you’ll know what city I live in. I think my picture is somewhere here with all of the family stuff. I don’t think my last name is anywhere. I have sorta made a point not to use it. So if you are not already my friend, and you want to be, go nuts. If you can track me down on Facebook, send me a request and let me know you found me in my blog. I’ll even send you a Facebook gift.

And so it goes.



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  1. What “Mark” did you ever double date with? In fact, in high school, who the hell did you ever single-date with?

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