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Worst President Ever…

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…is a term frequently applied to President W. Bush, and it always makes me hot under the collar.  I’m not making a case that he was our best president ever, but to say that he is worst ever assumes that you know something about presidential history.  By declaring that anyone is the worst (or best) anything, you are making a statement that you have some authority in the matter.  In this example, you are saying that you have enough knowledge of all of our presidents to make an objective comparison and that you have enough insight to understand the context of the times in which each of these presidents held office. 

For example, Herbert Hoover, our 31st president.  Here is a guy who helped kick off the Great Depression.  What about Nixon?  Let’s not forget Chester A. Arthur who signed the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882!  In the day I am sure people demonized them, but what about now?

U.S. News and Worldwhatnot did a poll on the worst presidents, according the sound judgement of the American people.  Guess who the top six were?  From oldest to newest, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, H.W. Bush, Clinton and W. Bush.  This only seems to reinforce my notion that we Americans tend to be very fickle people, thrown to and fro by every whim.  If we were really serious about being a solid world power, we would look beyond our own lifespan to learn the lessons of the world.

That being said, I am looking forward to what President Obama will do.  I think that he will need the support of the entire country to continue to move us forward.  Casey and I have discussed what we can do to help in service of our country.  We both strongly believe that it is critical to our children that we teach them that service to country is key to being a good citizen.  Ask not…

He is in my prayers and I hope that the hope I place in him will not be in vain.  I’m willing to take this as a good sign, for whatever it’s worth…

And now for a bit fun here and here.  If you didn’t know your presidents before this, you won’t now either.

And so it goes.



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