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Tri this on for size!

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So, I have this sister named Joy.  

She has a blog.

I like to think that she started it because I guilted her into it. Here is e-mail that I sent her not too long ago:

Hi Joy!

I had a great interview today so I thought I would treat myself to a beer.  I opened one of the Red Seals that you bought for me and sat down at the computer to enjoy it.  As with most things, I wondered if drinking a beer would make a good blog post and then it hit me!  Blog – Beer – Joy – Blog.  Why doesn’t Joy have a blog?  You could write some pretty neat stuff. 

Or, maybe you do have a blog!  Maybe it’s a secret, Swarthmore (or above) blog where you share your keenest insights about life, leaving the rest of us in the dark.

That’s not very nice, Joy

I love you!

Well, it turns out she doesn’t have a super secret Swarthmore and above blog (though if she did, I still wouldn’t know.  It secret after all).  She has a regular blog dedicated to something very neat.  She will running a triathlon for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  In addition to the training, she will also be raising money towards her goal.  $3900.00 to be exact.  

I am sure you are wondering how to get to her blog and read about her work and donate.  You are also probably wondering this entire post looks like a link to another site.  

Guess what…

So please take a moment to visit her blog and make a donation and offer your support.  

And so it goes.


p.s. If you still haven’t figured it out, the entire blog post is a link to her site.  Click anywhere.

p.p.s. The p.s. is actually not a link to her site.  This is.


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