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This is a list of things that annoy me.  Some of the items come from other lists of things that annoy other people but don’t really annoy me.  Three of these items come from Nixon’s famous ‘Annoyance’ list.

Try and guess which ones really annoy me and which ones don’t, but are funny enough to make this list.  I think that you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

1. People making that ‘quotes’ sign with their finger when they talk.

2. Fat free cheese

3. Hair gel that over-promises and under-delivers

4. Hyphenated words

5. The U.N.

6. Weak beer

7. Bags of Texas Air

8. LOL cats that don’t make me LOL

9. Those inspirational posters hanging everywhere. I come on! I am not an eagle, nor a bridge, nor a flyswatter.

10. Excessively negative people

And so it goes.



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  1. Well, I’m pretty sure that Nixon didn’t like unfunny LOLcats, but other than that, I’m stumped.

  2. 1 – Not you
    2 – You
    3 – Not you
    4 – You
    5 – You
    6 – You (and me)
    7 – Not you
    8 – You
    9 – You (and me)
    10 – You

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