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Blogenger Hunt!

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After my post about that strange search term, I thought it would be fun to do a blogenger hunt.  Here is how it works:

I will post an item to find and you reply with a comment that lists the URLs.  Also post the search term you used to find the URL.

For example, find a fish driving a car.  

Using the term ‘fish driving a car’, I found something at

And here we go!

1.  walrus bucket

2.  leaves of three

3.  buckycatt

4. grimmerie

5.  alpha child

6. purple monkey dishwasher

Alright kids, have at it!

And so it goes.



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  1. 1. (I sort of cheated on this one – didn’t search the term.)
    2. Got a bunch of poison ivy hits. Too boring to follow through.
    3. – This is a blog that depresses me slightly. It was the second or third result when googling “buckycatt.” (The cartoon character is spelled with a “K,” by the way.)
    4. – Another blog.
    5. – Looked interesting, some sort of test about brain dominance.
    6. Apparently, it’s “your guide to purple monkey dishwasher.” Who knew?

  2. 1. “walrus bucket” (Joy – good call)
    2. “leaves of three”
    3. “buckeycatt” (omg i ♥cake…)
    4. “grimmerie” (compares two different books about one of my favorite musicals, “Wicked”)
    5. “alpha child” (Tonka tough fruitsnacks… only 80 calories a pouch – great for toddlers watching their pull-up size.)
    6. “purple monkey dishwasher” (blog about knitting… look like what US Cellular was giving away – they called them ‘texting gloves’)

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