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Hi kids.

 Well, let me get everyone caught up now that Leela is here.  I’ll start with the birth.

Leela was born at home with help from the midwives at One Heart Midwife care.  After Mary was born at home (by accident) we decided that we had quite enough of the hospital birth experience, so we opted for a home birth.  Casey was about a week over due and she made the decision to try to induce labor naturally.  I took some time off of work and we walked around the park and tried to stay active.  The midwives came over the house at about 10:30 pm and gave Casey some blue and black cohosh, a herb that is supposed to do something or other and help labor along.  After several doses, Casey was not progressing, so the midwives left at about 4 am to get some rest.  They returned later that morning to apply some more direct methods.  They feed her some castor oil and more herbs.  Four hours after the Castor oil, Casey was having stronger contractions.  At that point, the midwives broke her waters.  (Don’t ask me why ‘waters’ is plural.)  Once that was done, Casey’s contractions became stronger and more frequent.  At about 5 pm the midwives brought a 150 gallon tub into the room and filled it with warm water.  Do you have any idea out quickly that will raise the temperature of a room?  Very quickly.  Casey got into the tub and started to labor much harder.  At about 8 pm I got into the tub with Casey and sat behind her, supporting her body with mine.  At 8:44 Leela Joy was born under water.  When she came out of the water, her eyes were open.  They laid her in our arms and she started to cough and cry.  It was really neat.  We stayed in the water for 20 more minutes while the midwives delivered the placenta.  Casey and Leela got out of the water and into bed.  I changed out of my trunks and into something less wet and more comfortable.  Casey started to nurse Leela and everything calmed down a bit.  It was at least 30 minutes after the birth before we cut the cord.  One of the midwives showed us the placenta and the signs they were looking for to make sure Leela had developed properly.  No problems found.  The midwives hung out until about midnight and headed home. 

The most interesting thing about this birth experience is that there were only five people in the room the entire time.  It was quite and dimly lit with none of the raucous energy that accompanied the other births.  This was a much calmer, ‘every thing will be fine’ engery.  Much nicer.

I recommend a home birth for anyone who wishes to try it.  It will be great.

And so it goes.



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