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Introducing Leela Joy

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Hi everyone. I have decided to let my newest daughter, Leela Joy make her first blog entry. Keep in mind that she is only three days old, so don’t be surprised at what she says….

Wow. This place sure is bright. It is a lot brighter than where I came from. I must admit that I don’t really know where that is, or in this case, was. I just know that this place is brighter.

I noticed almost from day one (six days ago) that this place is filled with strange people of different sizes. There is a ‘No-well’, a ‘Sam-e’, and a ‘Mary Leela’. I am beginning to suspect that I am the ‘Mary Leela’, but I am not sure. Most of the time they call me ‘Mary’, then ‘Leela’ and makes some cryptic comments about getting the name wrong. Maybe if they just picked one name, it would not be so difficult.

Another thing I find interested is the amount to time people spend in near silence around here. I think that I am something very special because whenever people are around me, they speak with an awed, almost reverent hush. At first I thought it was because they did not want to disturb me, but I am beginning to think that it is out of respect for who I am. That rocks!

Today I made a trip somewhere I had not been before. It was very, very bright and colder than I am used to. The ceiling was very high and light blue with a single light way up at the top. I didn’t stay long because the guy who carries me around didn’t want me outside too long, just long enough to be exposed to something called ‘nature’. It seemed important, so I went along. All in all it was not bad.

There are also other people who come around sometimes, but don’t seem to be here as much. There is a ‘gram-e’, a ‘popa’, a ‘pat’ and most curiously, a ‘ral-fee’. The ‘ral-fee’ is around more than most and she is taller too.

All I do is eat, poop, pee, cry and sleep. I am really good at all of them.

I am also good at being cute.  Look:







I decided to put in a picture of my big sister, Mary.  She’s cute too.  I think she is the ‘Mary’ of ‘Mary Leela’. 

And so it goes.



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  1. She’s a cutie pie! Congrats to you, Casey & the fam!

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