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Hi Kids!

Well, the election is over and we have a good idea of what the leadership of the country will look like for the next 2-4 years.  

There was one issue, which in my opinion, was the big looser for the night and that is the issue of the life.  For those of you who don’t already know, I am very pro-life, womb to tomb.  I believe that every person has the inherent right to life and that all other rights must follow the right to life, for there is no other right that can be exercised that is not dependent on you being alive.  

There were four ballot measures being considered this year:  

South Dakota had a measure that would ban abortions for most reasons.  It did not succeed.  

Colorado had a measure that would have defined a person to “include any human being from the moment of fertilization,” which would have applied to sections of the Colorado Constitution that protect “natural and essential rights of persons.”  It did not succeed.

Washington passed a measure allowing assisted suicide.

Michigan passed a constitutional amendment to allow embryonic stem cell research as long as the embryo was created for infertility treatment and was less than 14 days old.  

These measures tell me that we have a lot to do in the world to promote a culture of life.  To that end, I will be volunteering my time in the coming year with groups that promote life in a respectful and charitable manner.  

On the abortion specific side, that sad fact is that since Roe v Wade, there have been between 40-50 million abortions in this country, depending on who you look at for sources.  Absolutely regardless of how you feel about the practice of abortion, the inescapable fact is that there is an entire generation of Americans not here right now.  Some of these would have been my friends and collueges, but I will never know them.  

This is an issue that must be faced with absolute love and absolute compassion.  Name calling and finger pointing will not help the women facing the problem of a pregnancy, only love and support will do.  I believe that the main cause of abortion is fear.  It might be fear of how this will impact her life, or fear of how her friends will veiw her, or fear of an abusive spouse, or fear of going hungry because she has a baby to feed.  We need to address those fear head on and make sure she is loved and supported.  We must be pro-woman, pro-life.  

As to the point of views that hold that woman has an natural right to an abortion, I will confess that I don’t understand.  Every explaination I have received has been somewhat comabative and condesending, pointing out that since I am not a woman, I cannot fully understand.  I am still very open to hearing the logic for abortion, and I am very sincere about that.  

That is all for now.  November rolls on.  Hopefull I will have time to blog more this month.  Leela Joy is well on her way, not a moment too soon for Casey!

And so it goes.



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