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Potty Training

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It’s that time of Mary’s life where she needs to learn to use the toliet.  Tomorrow I start to potty train my current youngest.  All indications are that it will go well.  We have a baby toliet, underware and Raisinets.  I’ll keep you all posted to let you know how it goes.  

And for those of you interested on how you potty train a 23 month old, I refer you to Toliet Training in Less Than A Day.

And so it goes.



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  1. Toilet Training in Less Than a Day is a Great Book although a bit dated. (“Take a treat from your apron pocket!”). Here is a link to a full list of books that teach parents how to potty train….some of them based on the classic mentioned above but easier to read and more appropriate for today’s parents:

  2. raisinets? you lost me there, Friend!

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