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Just for fun I thought I would blog about politics, more specifically my personal views in relationship to politics.  It seems everywhere I turn there is a story about it so I thought I would add my 2 cents.  

Most of those who know me are generally familiar with my political leanings, but I don’t generally like to discuss the subject.  The conversations quickly turn into to abstract discussions about how the current Farm Bill disenfranchises migrant workers who have their phones tapped by Homeland Security to monitor calls back to Greenland in regards to the war in Iraq.  

In truth, no politic party really represents me very well.  I suppose that can be said for everyone.  That being said I am going to hit my key points.  Please keep in mind that I am hitting highlights here, not making policy recommendations.  There is great potential to read all sorts of wrong information into this, making assumptions and the like.  I would clarify more here, but then it wouldn’t really be a political blog, would it? If you want to know more about my thoughts, just ask.  

If I got to design my own party, the platform would look something like this:

Plank One: Life and Dignity of the Human Person.  Everyone, regardless of state or circumstance or location has a right to live.  

Plank Two: Focus on the Family.  The family is the core building block of all society.  Preserve the family, preserve the society.  

Plank Three: Rights and Responsibilities.  All people have rights within society and they have the responsibility to observe and respect those rights.  

Plank Four: Protect for the Poor and Vulnerable.  Everything that we do must always keep the little guy in mind, the least among us, if you will.  

Plank Five: The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers.  Work is requirement in all societies.  I believe all who can work, should work.  Those who can work should have right to a fair wage, the right to organize to get that fair wage and the right to do so unmolested.  

I’ll pause here to offer some clarification to those of you who know me well and are wondering about plank five.  Most, if not all, of the the time when I ‘talk union’ with folks, it never has to do with the right to organize or to get a fair wage.  That has never been an issue of mine.  Those conversations always end up going too far afield for me to make the point I want.  A lot of that is my own fault.  I like to follow a thought up a rabbit hole and I loose the context of the conversation.  I’m working on it though.

Plank Six: Solidarity.  We are of the human race and we must all respect each other regardless of state, circumstance or location.  

Plank Seven:  Care for God’s Creation.  I know that would never fly in a real party, but here is what I mean.  This earth is a gift and we must all do a much better job of taking care of it.  That means ‘being green’ for lack of a better way to say it, though it goes far beyond that.  While I still hold to the belief that the most inconvenient truth is that most global warming theories lack the scientific rigor for me to stand behind them, I do think that our stewardship of the planet has been poor and must change.  We need to get off of fossil fuels and looks to sustainable, renewable and natural forms of energy and we need to do it now.  As for the ‘far beyond that’ part, we need to look at everything we do from gardening to breathing in terms of its effect on everything else.  

And that is my party platform.  One of my favorite passages from Isaiah sums it all up pretty well:

Cease doing evil; learn to do good.
Make justice your aim: redress the wronged,
Hear the orphan’s plea, defend the widow

Isaiah 1:16-17

And so it goes.



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