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Happy Birthday

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Happy birthday to Matthew A Rodriquez, one of my best buds and fellow Bookhouse boy.  One of the best things about Matt is his name, his middle name, or lack thereof.  You see, A is his middle ‘name’.  It is not short for any dumb-ass names like Anthony or Azzula.  A, as you all know, is an indefinite article.  You could correctly pronounce his name as Matthew, A Rodriquez.  Matt has many family members and it would not be fair to call him Matthew, The Rodriquez.  He is one of many, hence, A. 

So happy birthday Matt.

Oh, play around with the Bookhouse hyperlink.  It is something called a split link where part of the word takes you to a certain site, and another part to another site.  This is an example of some fancy-smancy HTML coding I developing to sell to some guy in Nigeria.  He said he has a lot of money for me if I do it. 

And so it goes.



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  1. How little you actually know about my name…
    First, my last name is spelled with a “G”, not a “Q”
    Second, the “A” is for Anthony and I’m pretty sure my grandfather would disagree on the dumbass characterization
    Third, thanks for the b-day wishes
    Fourth, are you sure you’re really the one to criticize the middle names of others. Many of us have theories on the origins of yours. Did your parents lose a bet? Did they simply not like you? Or my personal favorite…it fell to Earth many years ago and killed the dinosaurs…prove me wrong.

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