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Hi folks.  Bob here.  I know it has been a while since I wrote anything, but I though tonight might be a good night. 

Not much to update right now.  I am still waiting for the loan to come through on my homebased seed collecting business.  I didn’t know these things took two years.  That’s the government for you.  Slow.

My cat had kittens, which really surprised me as she is a boy.  Or as least I thought he/she/it was.  Well anyway, the cat had five little ones, all black and white and really cute.  I think I’ll keep one.  I have been lonely since Cindy left.  I wonder what she is up to…

Speaking of Cindy, it turns out that we were never technically married.  That guy in Las Vegas assured us he was allowed to do that stuff, but I suppose I should have known.  I didn’t think that clowns were allowed to marry people.  Now I know. 

I suppose the next thing I will do is hit the farmers market downtown tomorrow.  There is a really neat guy who sells squash and booze.  He fills the squash with booze and drinks it.  It is really really good.  I am drinking some now.  You have to keep it cold or the squash goes bad.  You would think that the booze would pickle it, but no. 

I was in a bank robbery the other day.  I was talking with Sr. Mary at the bank and some guys broke in.  The sisters have taken a vow of poverty and they don’t keep much, just enough to eat and keep the lights on.  Someone came in and gave them a lot of money, so much they had to all carry it down to the bank.  The sisters all just stood while these guys yelled.  I guess they got scard of the sisters and ran away.  I think I recognized on of the guys.  I’ll invite him to share his experiences here. 

I suppose that is all.  I’ll keep you all posted and let you know how I am doing from time to time.

And so it goes.



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