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Prohibited Children

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Guess what I’m drinking?

I got a new phone the other day, a Samsung Blackjack II.  Neat phone.  It is one of them there smartphones(why do they have to say smart?  Are other phones dumb?).  I know what you are thinking.  ‘How dare you buy a fancy phone when you don’t have a job!’  True, I don’t have a job, but my previous phone, a Motorola Razr was just not doing the trick.  I am with the company formerly formerly known as AT&T wireless which became Cingular which became the company formerly known as Cingular, now known as AT&T wireless.  Don’t get me started.  I have been with that carrier since January of 2002.  Six years is an eternity to have the same provider.  I have been off contract since 2004.  I buy my own phones for full price and stick my own SIM card in and that is that.  Well, the Razr was dying, even though it was only a year old.  I was out and about and I saw the phone on display for really really cheap with a 2-year agreement.  Alright.  Fine.  I need a phone that works so corporate recruiters can not call me back when the promise to and a phone to text my brother, Barclay. 

Barclay is hard of hearing.  If you yell really really really loud into one of his ears he can tell that you are yelling.  One of the reasons I moved back to Sacramento was to be closer to the guy who used to beat the crap out of me.  It was hard to communicate with Biffie (Bif is Barclay’s nickname.  It means Brain Is Fermented).  Anywho, talking on the phone with someone who does not hear really well is challenging so we text each other. 

Now, texting on a cell phone that is not designed for that gets to be difficult after a while.  The idea of having a functional phone with a full keyboard to boot was too good to pass up, so I got it.  One of the other features is a 2MP camera.  So now I go around and take pictures.  The picture above is one I saw at the outlet mall in Folsom today.  Casey was at Motherhood Maternity and I had the kids.  The beauty of this sign is that they used far too many words to get a simple point across.  I know because I never do the same thing.  I would have used ‘Get Out!’ or ‘Go Away’.  Perhaps ‘Children Play Here = Bad’ might have been equally effective.  This is the kind of writing I would have expected from Chris, my college freshman roommate at UNR.  He was an English and Drama double major.  He wrote and then acted what he wrote.  The writing was terrible.  Seriously, I’ve seen better prose on the back of a shampoo bottle.  I wonder what ever happened to Chris?…

So as an added feature to this blog, I will be showing funny signs.

Now that I have this unemployment thing down, I will be updating a bit more often.  Sometimes I feel a bit hopless and scared about not having a job, but I am learning to take it in stride.  My family has been very supportive with all manner of time and resources and I can’t tell you how great that is.  Faith is critical.  You have to have faith. 

And so it goes.



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