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Ok.  It has been about three weeks since I last posted.  I felt that I needed a break from the harrowing blog schedule that I had been keeping.  The thinking, the writing, the erasing.  It was just killing me, so I took a break. 

The real reason that I had a blog blackout is that I just need a break in general.  After we sold the las vegas house I realized that the whole experience took more out of me that I had realized.  Rather than pushing through and breaking something, I took a respite from a number of activities, namely blogging and studying.  Instead, I devoted myself to re-reading an old fantasy series a friend of my mine introduced me to in high school.  The books are by David and Liegh Eddings.  The particular books I read are from the series The Belgariad and The Mallorean, each consiting of five books.  There are also two prequels, each covering roughly the same events, but one from the view of the a father, the other from his daughter.  Finally, The Rivan Codexwas released and it is basically a ‘writing of’ book about the previous twelve books.  The last of the group was a read once and be done with it.  I tend to re-read the others once every few years.  I figure that I have gone through the series seven or eight times now, enough certainly to be familiar enough that I don’t really read it any more, I just let the story play out in my mind. 

Now that the first ten are done, I am still making up my mind if I am going to for the other two.  We’ll see.  To pass the time, I have taken up The Seven Story MountainIt is a very deep read I don’t imagine that I will get what I need to out of it on this first pass.  If I follow my usual M.O. I will read it, put it down and take it up in six months to a year.  I’ll get more out of then.  My general experience is that any book worth reading once is worth reading more than once.  I did buy two copies of this particular book and I plan on sending it to someone who’s initials equal 100. 

 What I like about it so far is that is very simple, very honest, rather heartbreaking and not at all pretentious.  I have read some works by members of religious communities that tend to very heavy handed about role of God in your life, but this book has that same general message presented in a very matter of fact way. 

And once I plow through that, I am on to Enders Game, introduced to me by my buddy Ross.  I owe Ross’s wife a blog about flax crackers.  Soon Kimme bear, very soon. 

And so that it is that.  Happy Easter.  I am going to clean the kitchen and finish my pity whiskey that mom left after dinner tonight.  Makers Mark too…

And so it goes.



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  1. Word. About time you posted a blog!

  2. you should definitely read the other two…how could you read all but two? it will bug me if you don’t read the others which I’m sure is all the motivation you need. =)

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