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Name that Tune, and other things

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If you all recall, I did a post called Name That Tune.  I posted a song and asked for naming suggestions.  Here are the results:

The winning name comes from two posts.  The first is by Red Leroy.  His comment was:

this is a great idea, i dont know why but immediately “winter mountain” came into my head, then toward the end mountain didnt seem right. such a personal thing songs, very hard to name someone elses.

The next post is from LL.  LL commented:

Hi Fri(end). Cool idea! I had “glass alarm clock” running through my mind the entire time. (seriously)

After much pondering and much beer, I decided on Winter’s Glass. 

Given the fact that this post yielded a record number of comments, five, I have decided to continue this wildly successful trend.  In due time I will add a piano composition for comments. 

And other things…

I am currently in my annual 100%, no holds barred, balls to the wall raw food fit.  Every year for Lent I spend 45 days eating nothing but raw food.  The reason I do only raw food during the period is something I prefer to keep to myself for very esoteric reason.  If you are one of the five or so people that I shared that story with, Huzza to you!  Everyone else will just need to wonder…

As a result of the the diet, I am a bit besides myself.   We raw foodist call it detoxing.  Truth be told, I try to raw all the time, and I am somewhat successful at it.  I call it ‘Realistically Raw’.  But nothing ever really prepares you for the pure thing. 

One very imporant note.  I am a raw foodist.  Not a raw drinkist.  Beer is still on the menu. 

And on a slightly related note, I will be contining my blog about making flax crackers.  Apparently, KiSsy face wants to know about it.  stRange, huH?

My mom had a new hip installed last Thursday.  Look for that blog soon.  She is doing very well. 

And, since I have not made fun of Ev in a while, this is for YOU!*

And so it goes.


*This is funny because Ev is such a great guy. 

**Glad to be back!  Look for more blogging soon.

***For all you anal retentive people out there (Ryan) don’t go looking for the ** in the body of the blog.  It is not there. 

**** Neither is ***.


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