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It is hard for me the think that it is almost the 20th.  Things have really been in a holding pattern here.  We are settling into our place as best we can (long story for a later blog) and work is going better.  Yesterday I pitched SurveyMonkey to replace out current very outdated method.  It went over very well.  I imagine we will have full approval soon. 

 Casey and the kids are also just rolling along, although Mary has been sick for the last week.  I feel like I am in the calm before a storm.  I wish I knew what storm, but alas…

 I am continuing with my apologetics work, which has been great.  Learning a lot. 

I hope to have a phlog up this next week. 

 That is all for now. 

 In the next blog or two I am going to announce the winner of the Name That Tune blog.  You can still listen if you want…  Just click on that link. 

And so it goes.



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  1. read your email

  2. Well, it has only been 21 days into the new year, you greedy ass. Hope Mary is feeling better soon though. My guess would be the virus-infected air in the PRC. But that’s just a guess.

    Vegas misses ya bud…

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