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Phloging the LOL Cats

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It’s funny.  The Internet has spawned all sorts of weirdness.  You can download a picture of just about anything you want.  No matter how scary and wrong. 

And that brings me to tonight’s post.  LOL Cats.  LOL is short for Laughing Out Loud.  And Cats is short for Cats.  There are people who seem to like to take picture so their cats and add ‘funny’ captions.  Really, some are quite funny, others not.  I first learned about this phenomenon on Woot!.  (Which was the word of the year for 2007, I might add).  So this phlog goes out to all the people who have nothing better to do…

And there it is.  I hope this has disturbed you as much as it has me. 

And so it goes.



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  1. you are so random. I was getting my daily fill of CNN today and I actually saw that woot was the #1 word of 2007. Personally, I really liked word #6 “prairie dogging” : when someone yells or drops something loudly in a cube farm( word #5: office filled with cubicles) and people’s heads pop up and over the walls to see what’s going on.”

  2. HA! I love LOL Cats – I’ve been clued into them for a year now. They aren’t disturbing; they are AWESOME!

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