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And A Phloging We Will Go…

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Ok!  Let’s get started.  But first, happy birthday to my sister, Joy, who is now the same age as me.  But I still retain my right to boss her around.

And, very important, if you have not already done so, go to Name That Tune and listen to the song I posted and suggest a name.  It will take about three minutes.

Here is Noelle, dressed up for dinner.  We spent Thanksgiving in Carson City at my in-laws, Ralphie and Steve. 

Next, we have, from left to right, Lisa, Tom, Casey and Steve.  Tom and Lisa are Steve’s brother and wife.  Casey is my wife and Steve is Ralphie’s husband. 

Here we have Mary Elizabeth, waiting for food.  She is good at that.

Here is Sammy, with food. 

This next one is Sammy and Noelle.  I won’t name the lady in the picture because she will hurt me.  Badly. 

Here is another family shot.  The young man with the spatchula attached to his head is Scotty.  He is Casey’s little itty bitty baby brother.  In the foreground is Noelle and her first favorite Grandma, Ralphie. 

Here is Mary asleep.  Awwwww

Here is the birthday girl with another birthday girl.  This is Joy (birthday today) and Mary (birthday on the day the picture was taken).

This is mom and dad’s oven.  It the original oven, which makes it about 50 years old.  Still works fine.  Oh, and that is Joy and my niece busy izzy. 

And so it goes.



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  1. Love the pictures… and the last part of my Little IZA (no not izzy!) Love the pic of Joy & Iza

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