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Happy Thanksgiving!  (Unless you live in Seattle.  Apparently they call it something else there). 

Anyways, I have mentioned a few times here that I am going to do a blog called ‘Name That Tune!‘.  So here it is.  (Note, do not click on the link attached to ‘Name That Tune’.  It might cause the internet to collapse in on itself.  Much like googling Google.)  Anywhogle, uh, anywho, here is how this works:

I have writen a song.  It is Untitled Song, hosted by the good people at  This is a song I started working on about five months ago when I moved back to Fair Oaks.  I have been experiementing with a musical concept called mono-chording.  (Mono = One, Chord = Chord and ing = grammatical morpheme.  Any questions?)  In this case, the opening of the song and first statement all use a Dmaj7 (or some close variation of that).  Then I open the song up, but still stick to that basic chordal form.  There is only one place that I break from that.  Try to guess where it is.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised. 

I recorded the song at CNO studios in Carmichael.  I posted a rough copy of the song for everyone to listen.  You may need to crank up your volume to hear it.  As I mentioned, it is a rough copy, so there will guitar noise that is usually filtered out.  This is a work in progress and that is where y’all come in…

I need a name for this tune.  To me, the name of a song is very important as it sets the direction the song takes.  Some examples of past names are Mazga and Lumière.  I want anyone who listens to the song to comment with a possible name.  I will pick that one I think suits it best and go from there.  The song is only two minutes long, so if you have not listened to it yet, go ahead.  Feel free to download it and share it with friends if you like.  That link again is Untitled Song

I hope everyone has a safe Thanksgiving. 

 p.s. Fri(end).  I keep forgetting to tell you that I got your post card!  Thanks!

And so it goes.



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  2. this is a great idea, i dont know why but immediately “winter mountain” came into my head, then toward the end mountain didnt seem right. such a personal thing songs, very hard to name someone elses.

  3. Hi Fri(end). Cool idea! I had “glass alarm clock” running through my mind the entire time. (seriously)

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  5. Jumping Off a Bridge. Good playing! Makes me miss my axe.

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