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So one of my best buddies, Ross, was in town.  It has been about two years since I saw him last.  He, along with two others and myself form a mysterious and secretative group call The Bookhouse Boys.  Let me tell you about it.

In 1992 or so, my friends Matt, Ev and Ross decided to go out drinking.  Nothing new there.  What else are a group of high school seniors and recently graduated kids going to do?  Here in Sacramento, it rains a bit.  This was one of those nights.  Long story short, we got our Mickey’s and headed out to Prarie City.  As I said, it was raining and being wet and drunk is not as fun as being dry and drunk.  We decided to go and knock on the door of this house owned by older couple.  My buddy Ev knew them.  We asked if it would not be too much trouble to into their old woodshed and drink.  They said, much to our surprise, go ahead.  There is some wood down there.  Just don’t burn the place down.  For the next five years we did almost all of our drinking down there.  Other than the four of us, only five or six others ever joined us during those days.  We had all sorts of great rules like, you have to bring at least two beers no one has ever had before.  We downed over 200 different kinds of beer.  Here is the best part.  We never removed a single bottle.  No joke, there must be over 1000 bottles down there. 

Where did the name Bookhouse Boys come from?  That is a blog for another time.

Anywho, Ross is on his way to take a new job in Tacoma.  Yeah!  At least he is on the west coast again. 

For those of you who read Dog Blog, Cassie seems to be doing better.  I don’t think she is going to get any better, but she has stablized.  I’ll keep you all posted.

And, I know you are all wondering, which beers did they have down there.  Here are all the ones I remember off the top of my head:

Airship AleAlleycat Amber

Aktien-Brauerei Hell


American River Oatmeal Stout

American River Vienna Amber Lager

Anderson Valley Boonville Boont Amber Ale

Anderson Valley Boonville Poleeko Gold

Anheuser-Busch Black And Tan

Ayinger Jahrhundert-Bier

Bass & Co. Pale Ale


Beesting Honey Ale

Belmont Brewing Co. Strawberry Blonde

Big Red Ale

Big Rock Magpie Ale

Black Dog Ale

Black Dog Honey Raspberry Ale

Blueberry Ale

Blue Herron Pale Ale

Brasseurs Originale Beer Of Paris


Butte Creek Rolands Red

Buzzard Breath

Carmel Wheat Hefeweizen

Cerveceria Del Pacifico

Chimmy Cingcents

Chimmy Premier

Coors Original

Coors Tail Fin Ale

Copperhead Pale Ale

Corona Extra

Corsendonk Monks Brown Ale

Cowboy Lager

Damm Fine Beer

Devil Mountain Black Honey Ale

Die Blauen Squirrel

El Dorado Ale

Elk Mountain Amber Ale

Erdinger Weissbier

Estes Park Longs Peek Raspberry Wheat

Estes Park Wild Honey Wheat Stinger Ale

Eureka Black And Tan


Fischer D. Alsace

Fram Boise Lambicras Ale

Full Sail Ale

George Killians Wilde’ Honey

Georgia Wild Raspberry

Ginneus Extra Stout

Goldengate Wheat Ale

Goose Island Blond

Goose Island Honkers Ale

Goose Island Kilgubbin Red Ale

Grants India Pale Ale


Grolsch Amber


Haystack Black

Heckler Brau


Henry Weinhards

Henry Weinhards Blackberry Wheat

Henry Weinhards Honey Hefeweizen

Henry Weinhards Ice Ale

Henry Weinhards Red

Henry Weinhards Walnut Stout

Holzhausener Landbier

Holsten Premium

Hoopla Fischer Amber

Humpback Ale

Humpback Premium Honey Wheat

Ice House

Jamaca Brand Red Ale

Jet City Ale


Labatts Blue

Labatts Ice

Lagunitas India Pale Ale

Lagunitas Tacaloma Amber Ale

Lake Tahoe Hefeweizen

Lake Tahoe Kristall-Weizen

Lake Tahoe Red Ale

Lifemanns Frambozenbier

Lost Coast White Beer

Mac Tarnahans Amber Ale

Mallard Bay Red Ale

Maudite Ale


Michelob Winter Brew Spice Ale

Michelob Honey Lager


Mickeys Ice

Mickeys Red

Miller Genuine Draft

Miller Original

Miller Lite

Miller Red

Mississppi Mud

Molson Export Ale

Molson Gold

Molson Ice


Mrs. Pluckers Malt Beverage


Murphys Irish Amber

Naked Aspen Raspberry Wheat

Napa Valley Ale Works Red Ale

New Amsterdam India Dark Ale

Nor Wester Blacksmith Porter

Nor Wester Raspberry-Weisen


Old Feziwig Ale

Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout

Oregon Blackberry Brew

Oregon Hefeweizen

Oregon Honey Beer

Oregon India Pale Ale

Oregon Wheatberry Beer

Pacific Ridge Pale Ale

Pacific Ridge Berry Wheat Beer

Paulaner Munchen October Marzen

Petes Wicked Ale

Petes Wicked Maple Porter

Petes Wicked Octoberfest

Petes Wicked Pub Lager

Petes Wicked Strawberry Blonde

Petes Wicked Summer Brew

Petes Wicked Winter Brew


Pinkers Munster Ale

Pyramid Apricot Ale

Pyramid Hefeweisen

Rainer (Old)

Rainer (New)

Rainer Ale

Railyard Ale

Raincross Cream Ale

Raspberry Redrum

Ravensbrau Porter

Rays Amber Lager

Razor Edge

Red Bone Red Lager

Red Dog

Red Hook Double Black Stout

Red Nectar Ale

Red Stripe Lager

Red Tail Ale

Red Wolf

Rino Chasers American Ale

Rino Chasers Lager

Riverside Christmas Brew

Riverside Pullman Pale Ale

Riverside Seventh Street Stout

Riverside Victoria Avenue Amber Ale

Rods Rebble Rippin Beer

Rogue Dead Guy Ale 1995

Rogue Dead Guy Ale 1996

Rogue Dead Guy Ale 1997

Rogue Old Crustatian

Rowdys Perfect Amber Ale

St. Ides Gold Premium

St. Paulie Girl

St. Stans Red Sky Ale

St. Stans Whistle Stop Ale


Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Samuel Adams Creme Stout

Samuel Adams Double Bock

Samuel Adams Summer Ale

Samuel Adams Winter Lager

Samuel Smiths Oatmeal Stout

Samuel Smiths Taddy Porter

Samuel Smiths Winter Welcome Ale

San Andreas Earthquake Porter

Saranac Adirondac Amber

Saranac Black And Tan

Saranac Pale Ale

Saxers Lemon Lager

Schnider Weisse Bier

Scotts Ale

7Th St. Stout

Shamnie Sine Sance

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada Porter

Slo Brewing Co. Brickhouse Extra Pale Ale

Slo Brewing Co. Cole Porter

Slo Brewing Co. Flying Dog Ale

Spanish Peaks Honey Raspberry Ale

Sparkys Golden Ale


Spaten Optimator

Spaten Premiere

Spring St. Patrick Old English

Spring St. Patrick Stout

Star Raspberry Wheat Ale


Sutter Creek Powder House Ale

Thomas Kemper Weizenberry

Thomas Kemper White

Timberline Blake Street Honey Ale

Timberline Colorado Amber Ale

Timberline Lemon Wheat Ale

Truckee Amber Lager

Truckee High Sierra Pilsner

Tsintao Beer From China

Two Dogs Lemon Brew

Wacsteiner Premium Verum

Watneys Creme Stout

Watneys Red Barrel

Weihenstephan Hefeweizen

Weihenstephan Korbinian

Weltenburger Kloster Asam-Bock

Weltenburger Kloster Hefe-Weizen Hell

Wheat Berry Beer

Widmer Hefeweizen

Wild Boar

Wild Boar Special Amber

And so it goes.



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  1. I can’t believe you remembered the names of all those beers. Impressive.

    You really must add a Leinenkugal (Leine’s if you’re local) to the list. Next time I’m in WI, I’ll bring a few back for you guys. They’re deeelish.

  2. Sean!

    Want to hear the weirdest thing ever? Yesterday was my first day of work and my boss was taking me on a tour of the library. I heard someone say, “Joy.” I turned around, and there was Ross! What a small, small world.

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