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Wow.  It really feels good to be back.  Wow.  I am sitting at my old computer.  Finally.  I an drinking a Full Sail Amber Ale which was concocted by a ‘massive brew force of 47.’  Finally.  I am riding the nebulous and mysterious Internet again.  Finally. 

Now I know what you are thinking.  It is a computer.  Get over it.  You drink beer like every damn night and you have the Internet at work.  There are plenty of people in this world who are off a lot worse than you right now.  You should just get off your melodramatic high horse Mr. Oliver.  You make me sick.  You make the bile rise in my gullet.  I hate you.  That’s right.  I HATE YOU! 

Well, you might not be thinking that, exactly.  But if you were thinking it (except for the hate part.  I don’t do hate) then I have to agree.  I am wineing.  Beering actually. 

 So, what is new.  A lot.  I have spent the last few weeks installing compact fluorescent bulbs in anything that puts out light in this house.  (Ryan, I am sorry.  I have been in the PROC for too long already.  It is rubbing off.)  I figure that I have spent about $200 on bulbs so I can save a few bucks.  Where’s the feet? Oh, and I hear it is good for the environment.  Oh, don’t get me started on the environment!  For eons, ‘mother’ nature has beset us with tornadoes, floods, hurricanes and locusts.  Now she wants to quit because she is loosing?  Well, I say hard cheese. 

I am listen to Bach right now.  Die Kunst Der Fugue.  There is no greater musical master than Bach.  I’ll have to blog about Bach blater. 

Where was I?  Oh yes.  Catching up.  You really need to keep me on task or we will never get through this. 

Mary took what could be loosely considered to be her first step today.  She can move from a sit to a stand now and can forward motion with her body.  All she has to do is get a foot in front of her and she it she. 

Sammy has been coming along very well with his language.  For those of you who do not know, Sammy has a speech delay.  Casey could explain it better than I can.  About 70% of what he says is not readily intelligible.  He gets that from me.  He has been in the school district special ed working on it and it is really starting to pay off. 

Noelle is really enjoying kindergarten.  The whole experience is very strange to watch.  She clearly has friends at school, but I don’t know them.  She has interactions with at least 40 or 50 people a day, but I don’t see it.  She grows and matures and I am not there.  The funny thing is that as a parent, that is exactly what you want.  You want them to move away from you.  You want them to develop their own wings and fly.  But it is still somewhat hard to watch.  My oldest child is now in a place in her life where she does not need me as much in the way that I have been so very accustomed to.  She still needs me as much, but in a more complex way.  Now I need to be her daddy who will beat up the daddy of the other kid as she forges ahead.  Soon she won’t even need that.   Then I will be running around beating up random fathers just to try and keep a taste my daughters youth.  Oh well.

I need to warn you all right now, that I may not be able to pull the phlog together.  I will try.  I promise!  Really I do!  I have been getting all sorts of requests in relation to the phlog.  I try to add tags so random people who are tagsurfing will read my writings.  Here is a sample of what people have said in the past:

“I don’t know who you think you are, but these are copyrighted pictures.  If you don’t remove them from you blog I will have lawyers all over your ass like Garfield on a lasagna.” 


“I know who you are, and if you don’t stay away from my track and field events, I am going to do something else with this pole vault.”

And my all time favorite:

“This is amazing.  The rich interplay of light and shadow make for a truly unique offering.  The medium of the picture looks to be a napkin.  Verily, I say, a work of inspiration.  The browns and greens mingle so nicely.  The faint string of red with the opaque background is something to behold.  I will treasure this picture forever.”

What is so funny about that last one is that I blew my nose into an napkin and gave to an art student from UNLV.  Good times. 

Wow, this one just kept going, huh?  It has been nice it express again.  My dear fri-end Linda make a comment to me that she would do this even if no one read it.  Agree.  (and after that booger comment, I don’t know if anyone will ever read this again.)  And a shout out to my dear peep Linda.  Happy Anniversary!  I don’t know the exact date, but I think it was about a year ago (give or take a week or three) that we met.   

The next few blogs will feature things like a highlight of a buddy and a song that has no name.  I will post it and you good folks will get to name it for me. 

Oh, and Ev, this one’s for YOU!

And so it goes.



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  1. Fri(end), excellent reading today! I hear you on the no internet thing. Today is my first day with internet in over a week and I don’t even know what to read first. I’m beside myself; I’m shaking! Ok, maybe not shaking but I did get a weird twitch. Beers soon!! Happy Anniversary! L

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