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Will you check this out: 

What you are looking at is a flax seed sprout.  If you recall, in A Rawing We Will Go, I showed how to sprout flax seed.  (One note, I do have a follow planned, it is just taking a lot longer to pull together)

The other day I sprouted more flax seed.  Afterwards I cleaned out the bowl and some of the water and seed was splashed up to the faucet and wall.  I cleaned it up and forgot about it.  That was about five days ago.  A few days later I noticed the sprout growing!  How cool is that.  Yes, I know it is kind of disgusting, having plants grow out of the faucet, but it is still very cool. 

After I snapped this picture I plucked the sprout and I am now growing it.  I will keep you posted.

Up next:

Name that tune!

And so it goes.



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