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And a Phloging we will go!

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Yes, I know.  I missed a few Fridays.  But what are you going to do?  Nothing!  Haw haw! 

Let’s start with Ross Heasty:

This is one of my buddies Ross.  This picture was taken at Christmas 2005.  At this point I had not seen him for over three years.  Ross is one of my ‘core’ friends, of whom I only have like 5.  Hey!  I can blog about the bookhouse….

Great pic of Sammy Lammy Ding Dong:

Our 15 year old dog, Cassie

Sammy, again

 Here is a picture of some vocal folds

Uno Mas de Samuel


Random speech path picture

Mary Elizabeth.  I forgot to mention in the MEO blog that her first name is in honor of the Virgin Mary and her middle name is in honor of Mary’s cousin Elizabeth, mother to John the Baptist. 

Noelle (or as I call her, Smelly Noelley) on her first day of school

And before you get on you high horse about calling my daugther Smelly, you should know that she loves it.  And you should never question a father’s affectionate name for his daughter.  Wow.  That hair is over the top.

Here is a picture of the pond in the backyard at my folks place.

Pictured from left to right, Smelly, my dumb sister and my mother whom I love very much.  She is a cancer survivor.  They told her she had breast cancer.  She said ‘Hi-yah!’ and got rid of it.   I think there was a surgery and some radiation involved somewhere, but the point is that SHE beat. 

Here is my sister and the kids.  Her name is Joy.  Well, not really.  Her name actually is Theresa, (or is it Teresa) but we call her Joy. 


And so it goes.



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  1. Thank you for bringing Photo Friday’s back. My week is not complete without them, Fri(end). =)
    PS: that 2nd picture (from the top) of Sammy RULES!!

  2. Random, Sean, random.

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