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Today is the first birthday of my youngest daugther, Miss Mary Elizabeth.  Here is the story:

In December of 2005, Casey, the kids and myself were in Fair Oaks for Chirstmas.  My mother and I were at Chili’s having lunch and she asked if we were planning on having any more kids.  I said that if we did, it was because God wanted us to have more.  Turns out that was the case. 

About five or six days later, on December 27th Casey and I were in our hotel room.  The kids were asleep.  We weren’t.  You get the idea.  Seconds later…

Casey and I meet the news of another little one with mixed feelings, as most parents do (at least I imagine).  We decided not re-visit the OB-GYN who delivered two of our childern.  We lost a little girl, Julia Grace, in January of 2005 and that was the OB who we were with then.  Those feelings are hard to leave so we decided to go with a mid-wife.  Her name is April and she was really nice.  She did not do home deliveries, which was fine with us.  Neither of us were really comfortable with a home delivery.  Turns out that didn’t really matter.

The pregnancy progressed as most do.  I didn’t want to know the sex, but Casey and her father were at the ultra-sound and couldn’t keep a secret very well.  I had decided on the name Mary Elizabeth a few years ago.  That is an entirely different story. 

Mary was due on September 19, though I didn’t think that was the date, given the earlier information.  The 19th came and went.  So did the 20th and the 21st.  This continued until October 3, 2006.  A friend had told us that high alititude helps labor along.  I took the day off of work, made our visit to the midwife and went to Mt. Charleston, which is around 8,000 feet.  While up there we went to a meadow near the top.  On the way up Casey had commented that she wished she could have the baby between two and four, just to get it over with.  While at the meadow, now named Mary Meadow, Casey’s waters broke she started to have contractions.  We decided to head down the hill.  On the way down we timed the contractions at between five and six minutes.  No pain, just pushing.  Made it home and Casey went made a few phone calls and went to the bathroom.  At about 3:25 she called me into the room.  Water was all over the floor.  I called Nathan (a good friend) to come and get the kids and then we got everything ready to go.  Casey and retired to the bed and I went to get her.  She looked at me and told me that she was not going anywhere.  Home delivery it was.  First I called our doula, Kim and then I called 911 and they told me what to do.  I got a shoe lace to tie the cord off and waited for the head.  Kim showed up and helped Casey while I concentrated on bringing my newest child into the world.  About 25 mintues after she called me in the bathroom, Mary Elizabeth was born in our bed in Las Vegas.  The parametics had arrived during that time and loaded us all up into to ambulance and off we went.  Kim was a great support, keeping the parametics from doing anything we didn’t want. 

Mary gave us her obligitory cries and the looked around with an alertness and peacefulness that only a newborn can show.  She and I regrarded each other for a while with Casey was rolled to the ambulance.  She soon drifted off and that was that.  Today she is a year old and doing the amazing things that all one-year olds do. 

Pictures?  Here is a link back to Phlogging

And so it goes.



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  1. What a great story. You and your wife are brave for so many reasons!
    I’ll definatley make a point to make it up to Mary’s Meadow.
    What happend to picture Friday, friend?

  2. Congrats friend! Happy belated b-day to ME…

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