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To D or not to D

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So here is my problem:

I like to eat salads for lunch. I usually put olive oil and balsamic vinegar on top, shake them up and gnosh. But sometimes I eat my salad at 10 am and I am hungry again around two. There are only so many places that a guy who doesn’t eat a lot of cooked food can go to get an inexpensive, yet filling salad that is not covered in dressing that completely defeats the purpose of eating a salad. And one of those places is McDonalds. People around here just call it D’s. 

Back in the day, when I worked for Chevron, there was a McDonalds on the same lot as us. We got to know the managers really well. They would have Big Mac’s for a buck. The BM eating contests (eww! For two reasons!) that ensued were truly epic. I could down a BM in 43 seconds. Over the lips and past the gums, look out stomach, here it comes. Or, as my good friend Matt used to proclaim loudly in the restaurant, ‘I can’t wait to pack this into my colon!”. Good times. 

But I digress. Back to my problem. I don’t support the kind of food McDonalds serves.

It is very bad for you and promotes all sorts of nasty environmental habits. I once had to use a bathroom after my buddy Ev had eaten several super-sized something. DUDE! That can’t be good for the water! Anywho, a diet of McDonalds would literally kill you. So, as someone opposed to killing people, I don’t normally eat there. So why now?

My office is just down the street from a McDonalds. As a matter of fact, sans the Shell station next to it, it is the only fast food place around. So I went in to check it out. Much to my surprise, they had four different salads! One of them had a healthy type dressing. I ordered it and it was good. Needless to say, a ‘healthy type’ dressing is still not good for you, but on a comparative basis, it is not too bad. 

Since then, I have gone back several times, 10 or so, over the last three months. Then, the other day, I read a story that McDonalds has seen good growth in its business.  That could be due to one of two things, or perhaps both.  People are either eating more bad things or more good things.  I was to support the good thing and not support the bad things.  So, should I eat there?

 By not eating there, I can send the message that I won’t support bad eating habits; however, if I do eat there, then I can send the message that I only by salads.  As a result, McDonalds may then offer more kinds of salad.  The more salad they offer, the more healthy minded people would be inclined to eat there.  The social minded person in me says don’t eat there.  The capitalist bastard in me says do eat there.  I imagine the capitalist will win.  He always does.  Invisible hand my ass! 

So, should I eat there?  Ay, there’s the rub

And so it goes.



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  1. Here’s some other reasons not to eat at McDonald’s (which I prefer to think of as “Center of all evil, second only to WalMart.”)

    1) They own corporate farms and ranches that have driven small farmers and ranchers out of business.

    2) They do not pay a living wage and set up schedules so they can bilk a lot of their workers out of benefits.

    3) Their shameless advertising to children, especially with movie tie-in Happy Meal toys.

    Maybe you should just bring two salads to work.

  2. Oi, the capitalist always wins. Do not fight the force, young skywalker…

    Australia was awesome. It was mostly comprised of hippies, but there is a refreshing vibe to the whole place. Anywho…glad all is well with you and the fam!


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