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And off we go. Again.

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It looks like Casey and I have found yet another place to live.  


Several weeks ago dad told me about a friend of his who had to move to San Diego on short notice.  He and his wife need to be is Southern California by the beginning of October.  They owe a four bedroom house in Carmichael.  The family and I went down to look at it and it is a perfect house for us.  Lots of room, clean, nice neighborhood, near the church and Noelle’s school, everything we need.  The only hang up is that we have another house in Las Vegas that we are trying to sell.  If we sell that, then we have the money for the down payment on this place.  

After talking with them for a while, we decided to do a lease with an option to buy.  It should work out to be a good deal.  Once we unload the Vegas home, then we are all set.  The nice thing about this house is that it is close to my parents, the freeway and shopping, but it is very quite.


It has a nice backyard, a spa and a deck and bar for entertaining.  We are hoping that all will work out.  It has been our feeling throughout the entire moving process that we just need to relax and go where we are led.  It has worked so far. 

When we went to first look at the house, there was a cactus garden and a statue St. Francis of Assisi in the back yard.  Both those items are reminiscent of Las Vegas.


We plan to move in at the beginning of October.  If all goes well, we will buy the house in the next few months and then be done.  


Keep us in your prayers to sell the Vegas house.  


And so it goes.




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