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The family and I went to Reno this past weekend to go to a Wolfpack game.  We won.  It was nice.  I remember when I was going to school there (1994-1998) we did not loose a home game for the first three years.  That last year we lost about half of our home games.  It was a bummer.  Honestly though, I really go for the tailgating.  Beer.  BBQ.  Booze.  It is great.  Although, I cannot eat nor drink as much any more, which takes the fun out of it a bit.  Oh well.

 Did you know that Ella Fitzgerald died?  It was about eleven years ago, but there is a reason for bringing it up.   My oldest daughter, Noelle, loves to sing.  She is quite good at it too.  Both Casey and I are musicians and she got the gene.  One of her favorite songs is A Tisket a Tasket.  Today at school (kindergarten) she was out on the playground and her teacher found her praying because Ella had died.  Funny stuff.  Not that the fact that a great jazz singer passed away, or that my daughter prays at recess, but the fact that she is only five and really digs a great jazz singer.  I really like being a father. 

 Here is what Noelle looks like:


And here she is as a Simpsons character:

On Fridays I am going to do a photo log. 

And so it goes



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  1. Dude. Nice blog. Noelle is a cutie! She kinda looks like my sis. Very weird. Oh, right….we’re most likely related. I could go for some flax crax…and some chowder. What do you do with them after they’re dehydrated?

    How’s Phsammy? What’s your phone number?

    And remember: I da ho? No….

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