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Here it is, day whatever and I am still writing.  Oi.

 I am watching TV right now, Mythbusters.  I really enjoy that show because they blow stuff up.  It reminds me of a commercial from during the days.  It was for an online trading company that catered to day traders.  It shows someone watching TV and an ad for a new movie comes on.  The movie was called ‘Blowed Up’. 

I have been spending a lot of time at work developing databases.  It is actually very interesting.  The group I work with uses Excel as a database program, which leads to all sorts of problems.  This is the first time that I have had to apply practical knowledge to a problem without having anyone to back me up.  The no-net feeling is nice.  Plus, I am still new enough that I can break the standard company rules because I am not supposed to know better.  The trick is to do it in a way that ends up improving the situation. 

A friend of mine from Wyndham told me that projects are a good place to be, so I am gearing up to go after some of the implementation work for our new client system.  Here is one place that my rookie status does not help since the system we use are a complete mystery to me.  And to almost everyone else in the company for that matter.  More to learn I suppose.

Did you know that all elliptical curves are really modular?  Crazy.  I had no idea.

And so it goes.



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  1. no nets rock! enjoy the free fall!

  2. The db guru lives again. Carrying on the naming convention? I’m doing my best to keep it alive in LV….

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